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Watch the first full-length documentary to chronicle the internment experience of Japanese Americans in Hawai‘i
Hoʻokāhi ka iʻlau like ana - "Wield the paddles together"
These films share untold first-hand accounts of island residents and their experiences of being detained during World War II.
Let's chat Local Style!
June 26-30, 2023 - Enroll in Hawaiʻi's favorite cultural summer fun day camp!
Visit one of the island’s premiere practice spaces for learning martial arts and cultural practices.
Experience an authentic tea ceremony practice at our traditional tea house.
Learn about the unique wartime experience of Japanese Americans in Hawai‘i at our education center.
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Setsubun is a Japanese tradition to banish evil and misfortune every year between Winter and Spring
Purchase vintage Japanese wares and new locally-crafted items at the JCCH Gift Shop
Kachikan values that the Issei pioneers brought with them from Japan has guided many generations and continue to.
Discover the profound impact of Japanese immigration on Hawai‘i and delve into the multi-generational history of the Japanese in Hawai‘i
From taking that first hesitant step off a boat's wooden plank onto a foreign land to having your country patriotism questioned after the bombing of Pearl Harbor - experience the multi-generational history of the Japanese in Hawai'i.