Individuals of Japanese ancestry who were arrested and confined in the Territory of Hawai‘i during World War II

Our Mission

To be a vibrant resource, strengthening our diverse community by educating present and future generations in the evolving Japanese American experience in Hawai‘i. We do this through relevant programming, meaningful community service, and innovative partnerships that enhance the understanding and celebration of our heritage, culture, and love of the land. To guide us in this work we draw from the values found in our Japanese American traditions and the spirit of Aloha.

Our Vision

We aspire to co-create a society where a deeper knowledge of one’s heritage and a profound understanding of oneself will enable enlightened connections among all people.

Our Values

The JCCH is built upon the Kachikan values that have been brought over from Japan by the Issei pioneers. These values have been passed down for generations and ties us to the shared values in our community and our neighbors, regardless of ethnicity. Read more about our Kachikan values here.