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Explore our Hawai'i related research materials, the JCCH's Resource Center collection, and more.

Kachikan values that the Issei pioneers brought with them from Japan has guided many generations and continue to.
From taking that first hesitant step off a boat's wooden plank onto a foreign land to having your country patriotism questioned after the bombing of Pearl Harbor - experience the multi-generational history of the Japanese in Hawai'i.
Watch Rena Gao, a Shin-Issei that grew up in Honolulu, as she chats with Locals in our video series, Wakame 若目.
Learn about a celebration of achievements and wishes based on a story about star-crossed lovers.
Learn about a time to honor the spirits of our ancestors.
Download and use the JCCH's standards-based curriculum for Modern History of Hawai‘i, Participation in Democracy and United States History.
People having a discussion at the Tokioka Heritage Resource Center
The Resource Center provides public access to a repository of resources that help fulfill the JCCH’s mission to educate present and future generations in the evolving Japanese American experience in Hawai‘i.
Learn about the traditional Japanese method of making mochi (glutinous rice cake).
Jane Yonamine, Musashimaru, and Konishiki
Jane Yonamine was a trailblazing business owner in Tokyo. Her company, Jane's Pearls, serviced many celebrities and athletes with the Spirit of Aloha in Tokyo. Read more on Jane Yonamine here.
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Hawaii Internees
The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i (JCCH) is proud to provide this searchable directory of those of Japanese ancestry who were arrested and confined in the Territory of Hawai‘i during World War II. We have searched government records, military documents, internee memoirs, and historical publications, and have rigorously cross-checked the data to confirm its accuracy.