Sand Island Internment Camp Construction
Sand Island Internment Camp under construction, 2/13/42. JCCH/U.S. Army Signal Corps Collection.


The U.S. History units track the historical developments and changes leading up to internment by exploring Japan's rapid expansion in Asia and shifts in public opinion about the United States' involvement in the war. The curriculum provides a full account and timeline of events, offering transcripts, letters, reports, and other internment records.

This background of the United States' involvement in WWII will enhance students' understanding of actions taken against Japanese Americans, as well as the public reaction that followed. The material, which involves having students read personal histories and poems from internees, is intended to elicit empathy while increasing overall awareness of the internment era.

The material also reveals the U.S. government's calculated internment plans prior to the start of the war and challenges students to come up with their own conclusions based on the documentation.

U.S. History Curriculum Guide for "The Untold Story: Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawai‘i" Documentary

U.S. History - Intro

U.S. History Unit - Day 1

U.S. History Unit - Day 2

U.S. History Unit - Day 3

U.S. History Unit - Supplemental Information